Bursa Speechless

Bursa Speech

Turkish youth is owner and guard of revolutions and republic. He believed more than anyone else in their necessity and correctness. Management format and the revolution has adopted. He will not say, "This country has a police, a gendarme, an army, a justice organization," when he hears the smallest or the greatest movement or behavior that will weaken them. He will protect his own work with hands, stones, sticks and weapons, whatever he has.

The police will come, leave the real criminals and catch him as a criminal. The youth will think, "The police are not yet the police of the revolution and the republic", but will never beg. The court will try him. He will think again, "So it is necessary to fix the justice organization and organize it according to the management style"

They will put him in jail. Although he is opposing legally, he will not want to be tried and favored by sending telegrams to me, the prime minister and the parliament, because he is unjust and innocent. He will say, "I did what is necessary with my belief and conviction. I am right in my attempt and action. If I have come here unjustly, it is my duty to correct the reasons and factors that reveal this injustice."

Here is Turkish Youth as I understand it!

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Bursa, February 5, 1933